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Are You Overweight Because of Light Pollution?

If you are overweight and tired of your fat, you might be surprised to learn that light pollution could be responsible for causing you to be fat. Light pollution comes from artificial light, which can be anything from streetlights to your Smartphone or iPad. Bottom line – experts say if you want to stay thin, you need to go dark.

Our smart phones might be conveniently situated beside our bed, ready to deliver a message instantly, or entertain us when we can’t sleep – a scroll through Facebook or a quick game and we are ready to doze back off. However, it seems we’ve got it all wrong. Using our electronic devices or smart phones during the night actually makes it more difficult for us to go back to sleep. In fact, it might actually be causing long term damage and that includes having a negative effect on your waistline.

The Endocrine Society published an in-depth review that indicated that when our exposure to artificial light is increased at night, our circadian rhythms are affected and that is linked to the alarming increase in obesity rates around the world. Artificial light has previously been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

It isn’t just your Smartphone or your tablet that’s putting your health at risk can cause you to be overweight, it’s the light sneaking into your room from the hall light or the street light, it’s the glow off your clock, it’s the lights on your x-box or television… there’s light that filters from everywhere and all of it contributes to lack of proper sleep. This ultimately leads to problems.

Why does something as innocent as light pollution cause such turmoil in our lives and why does it disrupt our metabolism? Let’s answer that question. Light pollution disrupts our metabolism. The genes that are involved in how nutrients are metabolized behaved in a rhythmic pattern, as well as, hormones that are metabolically linked, such as insulin, glucagon, melatonin, leptin and ghrelin, which are released in synchronization with our circadian cycles.

Circadian cycles are directly synced to the external environment through light information that includes your exposure to light during the night and the impact it has on our sleep quality, which becomes poor and compromised.

Eve Van Cauter, Ph.D the spokesperson for Endocrine Society, says, “This complex biological clock system—one clock in brain and multiple clocks in the body—can be put out of alignment. That in and of itself has adverse metabolic affect.”

Basically, the more artificial light that is able to filter into your bedroom, the lower the quality of your sleep is going to be, and the more your body is unable to properly process nutrients. Because of this, you will begin to see your weight creep up over time.

The review the Ohio State University researchers conducted discovered that in the last 20 years the geographic obesity rates in the United States had increased proportionately with the growth in light pollution.

The solution is simple, but yet not obvious to many – you need to turn off all the sources of lights. But that in itself isn’t enough. There are some other things you need to do. Before you head off to bed, you need to avoid bright screen or at the very least dim these devices as much as you can. You should definitely avoid during your waking hours.

According to Van Cauter, you need to everything and anything you can to silence all external light filtering its way into your bedroom, no matter the source, whether you need to buy thicker curtains, install light-blocking door sweeps, or, cover your clocks.

Van Cauter  says, “I live in downtown Chicago, where there’s no such thing as total darkness. I sleep with a mask on every night.”

Our sleep is very important to maintaining a healthy weight, mental clarity and reducing the signs of aging.  In addition to eliminating light pollution, you should consider taking an HGH supplement like Genf20 Plus, Genfx or Sytropin. It is at night that your body produces the highest amounts of HGH and taking an HGH supplement before bed can significantly help your body to increase its HGH production. In addition, you should get eight hours of sleep every night.

Obesity is a growing problem in the US and around the world. Light pollution has now been directly linked as an underlying cause. In addition, if you do the work to lose weight you will want to make sure that you can maintain your new weight and light pollution has the potential to cause you to regain that weight after all your hard work.

The solution is to take light pollution seriously and do an inventory to see just where and how you are being attacked by light at night while you try to sleep. Now is the time to eliminate it at its source.










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From what has been said so far, you could say that the importance of growth hormone for sleep quality improvement is already obvious.

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